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Frank and Faith is based in our state of the art warehouse in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear. We are committed to the ethical products market - most of us have worked in this sector for many years and are determined to make a difference.

We are committed to selling top quality products without hidden, harmful chemicals like pesticides, petrochemicals, formaldehyde and other toxic substances. We source products from reputable companies that have been produced from natural, organic or sustainable raw materials. Many of these have also been ethically produced, supporting Fair Trade, and none have been tested on animals.

By choosing to buy natural, organic and ethical products, you are not only protecting the health of yourself and your family but also promoting sustainable farming methods, fair trade and a cleaner environment.

We never lose sight of the fact that you, our customers come first and we'd love to hear from you. Please let us know what you think of the new website and the products. Are there items that you'd like us to stock? Let us know by Contacting Us!

Organic, Natural & Sustainable

Organic, Natural & Sustainable Organic, Natural & Sustainable Organic, Natural & Sustainable

Organic Cotton

Frank & Faith will only ever use 100% organic cotton, sustainable and environmentally friendly yarns such as Hemp, bamboo, wool and Linen when designing and manufacturing their collections.

$2 billion of chemicals are sprayed on the world's cotton every year, of which at least $819 million are classified “extremely or highly hazardous” by the World Health Organisation. A single drop of the pesticide Aldicarb, absorbed through the skin can kill an adult. Aldicarb is commonly used in cotton production and in 2003 almost 1 million kilos was applied to cotton grown in the USA. Aldicarb is also applied to cotton in 25 other countries. In total, cotton accounts for 16% if global insecticide releases more than any other single crop. Almost 1 kilogram of hazardous pesticides is applied for every hectare of cotton. This pollution leads to at least 1 million agricultural workers worldwide requiring hospital treatment due to acute pesticide poisoning and presents a significant threat to global freshwater supplies.

For more detailed information on the dangers of toxic pesticides in cotton please visit the Pesticide Action Network website.

For more detailed information on human and environmental abuses linked to global cotton production please visit the Environmental Justice Foundation website.

Organic Merino Wool

We spent a long time searching out and finally finding a Merino wool we were totally happy with. There are many organic Merino wool's on the market, but none that could 100% guarantee us that the barbaric act of mulesing wasn't being performed by any of the farmers who were ultimately supplying us with the wool that would end up in our collection.

Mulesing, if we are honest, wasn't something Frank & Faith had heard of up until about a few years ago, and we work in the fashion and manufacturing industry, so if like us you too have no idea what it's all about you are in good company.

The bare facts are this, that Merino lambs are forced onto their backs, have their legs restrained between metal bars, and without any painkillers whatsoever they have chunks of their wrinkled flesh sliced from around their tail area. This is done to cause smooth, scarred skin where hair will not grow and will not allow ‘flystrike' to happen around the back end of the sheep. Just another quick fix people have adopted to exploit animals for our own greed, and one Frank & Faith do not and will not condone.

The good news is that 50 years ago a farsighted farmer in South Africa brought the Merino over to his farm and began a breeding program that has virtually bred out the over wrinkling problem and hence bred out the need to worry about ‘flystrike' in the South African Merinos.

We work closely with a German mill that buys up all this wool and the finished yarn holds the prestigious Bluesign certification. And remember wool is a natural fibre, unlike synthetics that are made from oil and never rots away. It does not need to be washed as often as synthetics because of its natural ability to resist odour and repel liquids. Luxuriously comfortable and friendly to the environment wool is nature's wonder fibre.

Sustainable Yarns & Fabrics

Bamboo is 100% naturally grown, without assistance from man. Completely sustainable, bamboo thrives naturally without using any pesticides or fertilizers. As the fastest growing plant in the world, bamboo grows to its maximum height in about 3 months and reaches maturity in 3-4 years. It spreads rapidly across large areas. Because of this, bamboo is known to improve soil quality in degraded and eroded areas of land. If we made bamboo as popular as cotton, it means more bamboo plantations, which means more photosynthesis and less greenhouse gas. “The greatest challenge facing mankind” would get just a little easier if we switched over to this fantastic fibre.

Linen is the oldest know fibre ever used by man as it thrives with little assistance from us and makes an ecologically friendly substitute for cotton. Apart from that linen lasts up to 12 times longer than cotton, linen is thermo-regulating (insulating in wintertime, cool and breathable in summertime), non-allergenic and anti-bacterial and thus especially recommended for sensitive skin.

Factory Surplus

Factory Surplus Factory Surplus Factory Surplus

When is a cabbage not a cabbage?

When it's the rag trade term for over makes and factory surplus. Factory surplus is excess fabric and yarns left over from another manufacturer's production. Every year tons of yarns and fabrics are discarded or left to rot at the textile mills and factories because it is too small an amount for most companies to use.

When sourcing our blankets and throws, Frank & Faith uses only the best factory surplus fabrics and yarns as one aspect of our efforts to work towards sustainability. We purchase this perfectly good fabric or yarn because it's ideal for our small, limited edition production runs. By using this existing surplus materials we reduce waste, save additional resources and consume less of the earth's precious wealth.

You can look at it this way too, when you buy one of our blankets or throws you get a one off bespoke item, one of a kind as the surplus colours are randomly selected and woven together at our factory in Scotland making it a one off work of art.



The Global Organic Textile Standard The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres, including ecological and social criteria, backed up by independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. The aim of the standard is to define world-wide recognised requirements that ensure organic status of textiles, from harvesting of the raw materials, through environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing up to labelling in order to provide a credible assurance to the end consumer. We hold this certification on all our organic cotton and organic wool knitwear and Jersey wear. We hold the certificate from the spinning mill in France and Germany on file here at our head office. Should anyone wish to see it please contact us by email.

Confidence In textiles

Confidence In Textiles - Tested For Harmful Substances One world- one label, confidence In Textiles Oeko-Tex® Standard 100. The Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 is a globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, intermediate and end products at all stages of production. The tests for harmful substances comprise substances which are prohibited or regulated by law, chemicals which are known to be harmful to health, and parameters which are included as a precautionary measure to safeguard health. A tested textile product is allocated to one of the four Oeko-Tex® product classes based on its intended use. The more intensively a product comes into contact with the skin, the stricter the human ecological requirements it must fulfil. We hold this certification on all our organic cotton knitwear and we hold the certificate from the spinning mill in France on file here at head office. Should anyone wish to see it please contact us by email.

Ethical Donations

Frank & Faith's Animal Welfare Policy 2011

Organic, Natural & Sustainable Organic, Natural & Sustainable Organic, Natural & Sustainable

Here at Frank & Faith we feel passionately about animal welfare and we aim to ensure that wherever animals are used in the production of our clothes, that their welfare is protected at all times. We believe that it is not acceptable to harm animals in the manufacture of any of our products. Because of this we have developed an Animal Welfare Policy that covers all products sold by Frank & Faith Ltd.

Australian Merino Wool

Frank & Faith will not use Merino wool from Australia due to the widespread practice of mulesing in its production. All our organic Merino wool comes from South Africa where the breed has developed naturally over 50 years and has bred out the need for mulesing to eradicate ‘fly-strike'. All our organic Merino wool holds the Bluesign certification – for more details see

Cashmere Wool

Cashmere wool is sourced from the thick fleece of the cashmere Pashmina goat from Northern China and Mongolia, but due to the high demand from the west for this fibre the farming practices have change from traditional sustainable methods to high volume production with little respect for the animal. Until a sustainable and cruelty free cashmere yarn can be sort, Frank & Faith will not use commercially obtain cashmere wool.

Angora Rabbit Hair

Frank & Faith will never use Angora rabbit hair in any part of its manufacturing as all of this fibre is obtained from the Angora rabbit via factory farming methods, which is something Frank & Faith do not condone.

Animal Fur & Leather Products

Frank & Faith will never use fur or leather in any part of our manufacturing, including fur and leather that are bi-products of the meat industry, and this also includes Mongolian lambs fur which is like sheep skin.

Live-Plucked Feather or Down

Frank & Faith will never use feathers or down in the manufacturing of any of our garments due to the widespread practices of obtaining the down from the live plucking of birds.


Commercial silk is made by boiling the intact cocoons and unwinding the single silk strand onto reels. Only a few moths are allowed to emerge to continue the population of silkworms. The rest are killed by being boiled in their cocoons. This is done so the silk fibres are not broken and can be reeled off in a continuous strand. However, the silk can still be spun like other fibres if the moths are allowed to emerge.

"Peace silk" (also known as "vegetarian silk") is raised and processed differently. The moths are allowed to emerge from their cocoons to live out their full life cycle. The silk is degummed and spun like other fibre, instead of being reeled. The resulting yarn is soft, fluffy, and light like a cloud. This is the best silk for warmth and therapeutic use. It is rare and not readily commercially available but Frank & Faith would only ever use Peace Silk when designing and manufacturing our collections.

Animal Testing

Frank & Faith believe that animal testing for fashion purposes is not acceptable, and will never condone or implement any kind of animal testing on any of our products or clothing, or knowingly purchase products from suppliers that have conducted, commissioned or been party to animal testing.

Animal Derived Products

Any animal derived products used or produced by Frank & Faith must be collected without harm to animals.

All our products are vegetarian. Please contact us for details of available vegan products.

Endangered Species

Frank & Faith will not use any materials derived from species that appear on the CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) or IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) lists of endangered species.

RSPCA Good Business Awards 2011 - Highly Commended

RSPCA Good Business Awards - Highly CommendedFrank & Faith are thrilled to have been Highly Commended in the Small Company Fashion category in the RSPCA Good Business Awards 2011.

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